Rights Management

If you are looking to leverage the value of your intellectual property, make Goodwill Rights
Management your out-sourced rights solution.   We will work with you to conduct a front end
evaluation of a publisher’s sub-rights operation.  Also, we identify top titles for active sub-rights
promotion and uncover the equity of properties to prepare for aggressive rights promotion and
business development.   On the back end, we supply development, review, management,
consultation and compliance monitoring for the full cycle of the contracting process to ensure
your investment is secure and profitable.
Publisher Relations

The key to successful rights management is enthusiastic, effective and direct publisher
relations.   Utilizing the expansive network of hundreds of publishers and professionals in the
trade and ministry markets, Goodwill Rights Management consistently communicates to
promote your titles to the industry’s top professionals through trade conventions, personal
meetings, and all other channels available to GRM including social media.  Goodwill Rights
Management optimizes the promotion of properties by leveraging trade and ministry
relationships to expand a publisher’s market, mission and revenue.   
Business Development

The heart of Goodwill Rights Management services is business development, i.e., generating
revenues outside of traditional sales channels by licensing content assets to publishers & content
providers in various media, formats and languages.   In short, Goodwill Rights Management is
experienced in achieving subsidiary rights and royalty revenue generation by strategically licensing
properties to international and/or domestic licensees.  Goodwill Rights Management also helps
publishers acquire rights to top content for digital and other products.  Whatever the case, we
attain increasing return on investment and a healthier bottom line by negotiating agreements on
optimum terms.  We do this one relationship at a time.
Carl has been an excellent source of publisher relationships
and has brought many successful win-win agreements to
Olive Tree Bible Software
.... Drew Haninger, President
The key to successful rights management is enthusiastic, effective and direct publisher relations.
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Carl Dobrowolski
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"I have in the past and
continue to work with Carl
and I am happy to commend
him as an able and
professional individual who
will offer you the relevant
skill set and contacts to
enable you to develop your
licensing opportunities."
Anthony Goslingv
Sales & Marketing Mgr.,
Christian Focus Publications
“Over the years I have had
business dealings with Carl
and two words come to
mind…integrity and

Bill Giarratana
LG&G Group LLC
"Carl was formally our
independent sales-agent. He
introduced us to all major
Christian publishers and
some smaller publishers,
specialised in scholarly
products. We renewed
many contracts - mostly on
a more profitable basis,
caused by Carl's advice."

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