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Carl Dobrowolski
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"I have in the past and
continue to work with Carl
and I am happy to commend
him as an able and
professional individual who
will offer you the relevant
skill set and contacts to
enable you to develop your
licensing opportunities."
Anthony Goslingv
Sales & Marketing Mgr.,
Christian Focus Publications
“Over the years I have had
business dealings with Carl
and two words come to
mind…integrity and

Bill Giarratana
LG&G Group LLC
"Carl was formally our
independent sales-agent. He
introduced us to all major
Christian publishers and
some smaller publishers,
specialised in scholarly
products. We renewed
many contracts - mostly on
a more profitable basis,
caused by Carl's advice."

Dr. Felix Breidenstein
Executive Director, GBS
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- Publisher Relations
- Business Development
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Discovering the God of the Bible
The Bible’s teaching on God’s love, holiness, and
sovereignty is often met with questions about human
responsibility, suffering, and evil. In his latest book, Dr.
John MacArthur shows that the best way to discover the
one true God is not through philosophical discourse but a
careful study of Scripture—the primary place where God
has chosen to reveal Himself. 134 pages. Rights are
available for the entire series! Good News (Jan 2018) -
Unchanging Truth (Jan 2019) - Stand Firm (Jan 2020)
None Other - John MacArthur
Jews Don't Need Jesus. . . and other Misconceptions
argues that believing in Jesus isn't apostasy; it's
obedience, and it leads to eternal blessing. That's
what makes this book critical for Jewish people or
anyone in gospel ministry to the Jews. 176 pages.
Jews Don't Need Jesus
& Other Misconceptions
30 devotional readings for couples from John Piper,
Francis Chan, Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, and 10
others. / God designed marriage as a pointer to and
catalyst for your greatest joy. It's not meant to be a
storybook ending, but a fresh beginning, to help
ready you for the true "happily ever after" when we
see our great Bridegroom face to face.
Happily Ever After
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Relationology provides 101 inspirational and practical
secrets to help you grow your business through the
power of relationships. If your business involves
people, then Relationology is a must read! 208 pages.