Overseas Production
In today’s economy, publishers and ministries are well advised to consider cost  benefits of
printing in India.  Brilliant Printing, a Goodwill Rights Management client, offers top quality
production, warehousing and world-wide logistical solutions – under one roof - for publishers
seeking greater margins by reducing costs.    To arrange for a quote or for more information
contact me at
In tandem with Asian Trading Corporation, Goodwill Rights Management offers a gateway to the
growing and emerging Indian and Asia Pacific market.   India alone will be the largest English
speaking market in less than a decade.   Let’s discuss how together we can take advantage of
the potential and maximize your distribution in this market. Email me at
for further information.    
Goodwill Gateway India/Asia Pacific Market
Achieve more through licensing call: 718-836-8230
GRM through our partnership with the ministry of the Reformed Bible Society gives churches,
ministries, seminaries and individuals the ability to purchase publications for ministry, church or
personal use at the best possible price.   Please follow this link for further information or contact
me at
carl@goodwillrights.com for further information.
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I have always known Carl to be a faithful, trustworthy, and competent
individual.  All of us here at PaperWood Publishers consider Goodwill Rights
Management the expert of choice for any venture and particularly those in
profitable licencing.
 Jose R. Ruiz, CEO PaperWood Publishers
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