Is to have a positive and lasting global effect through the published word.  Our success
is in the promotion of like-minded partners who publish relevant, exciting and timely
Is to be a rights management service that publishers can confidently turn to in order to
maximize the penetration of their publications into multiple media, languages and
The diversity of markets served by Goodwill Rights Management demonstrates our
experience providing the most cost-effective and profitable means for your sub-rights
success, all the while insuring maximum market penetration and revenue generation.
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Carl Dobrowolski
President, Owner and Founder of GRM

Carl has 27 years of experience in religious publishing, with the last 19 focused exclusively on
rights sales, acquisitions and publisher relations as well as contract management. Carl's specialty
is bringing publishers together through targeted relationship asset management.  Some of his
key achievements have been the tripling of royalty revenues for a major Bible agency as well as
securing a hugely profitable long-term relationship with a key New York based publisher yielding
a seven-figure advance for one of GRM's clients. He has overseen the growth from GRM's
beginnings in 2003 to present date wherein GRM offers its services to over 14 Christian
publishers and ministries.
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Carl Dobrowolski
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"I have in the past and
continue to work with Carl
and I am happy to commend
him as an able and
professional individual who
will offer you the relevant
skill set and contacts to
enable you to develop your
licensing opportunities."
Anthony Goslingv
Sales & Marketing Mgr.,
Christian Focus Publications
“Over the years I have had
business dealings with Carl
and two words come to
mind…integrity and

Bill Giarratana
LG&G Group LLC
"Carl was formally our
independent sales-agent. He
introduced us to all major
Christian publishers and
some smaller publishers,
specialised in scholarly
products. We renewed
many contracts - mostly on
a more profitable basis,
caused by Carl's advice."

Dr. Felix Breidenstein
Executive Director, GBS
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