• Increases in revenue
  • Profitable software licensing arrangements
  • The value of foreign rights licensing
  • The transformation of the rights operation into sustainable business
  • The discovery of new markets for proprietary products
  • Strategic long range partnerships developed
  • Greater profitability in individual licensing arrangements
  • Desiring more subsidiary rights results with less investment
  • Interested in creating product awareness in new markets
  • Building stronger business relationships with new and existing markets
  • Expecting subsidiary rights revenue with greater returns
  • Needing a rights service that understands your ethos, values and drive for excellence
Goodwill Rights Management offers effective, enthusiastic Rights Management, Publisher
Relations and Business Development for publishers in the world-wide market.  Additional
consultation and resources are available for those in search of marketing, creative, publishing,
production, warehousing and logistical solutions.
Who is likely to need GRM?  
Developing an efficient and sustainable rights operation is labor and resource intensive. Grow
your business with confidence by employing the experienced professionals at Goodwill Rights
Our clients have seen:
Goodwill Rights Management!
The Goodwill Rights Management family would like to
extend its warmest welcome to Malcolm Down Publishing
and SIL International, our newest partners in achieving
more through licensing. We are looking forward to working
with of you and being of service.
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Carl Dobrowolski
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"I have in the past and
continue to work with Carl
and I am happy to commend
him as an able and
professional individual who
will offer you the relevant
skill set and contacts to
enable you to develop your
licensing opportunities."
Anthony Goslingv
Sales & Marketing Mgr.,
Christian Focus Publications
“Over the years I have had
business dealings with Carl
and two words come to
mind…integrity and

Bill Giarratana
LG&G Group LLC
"Carl was formally our
independent sales-agent. He
introduced us to all major
Christian publishers and
some smaller publishers,
specialised in scholarly
products. We renewed
many contracts - mostly on
a more profitable basis,
caused by Carl's advice."

Dr. Felix Breidenstein
Executive Director, GBS
Goodwill Rights Management Corp.
- Rights Management
- Publisher Relations
- Business Development
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